Admissions Coordinator

Company Name:
NHC Kingsport
The admissions office is where first impressions of the health care center are made. The admissions coordinator position needs to shine with its presentation, knowledge, helpfulness, and understanding of the complexities involved in the decision to place a person in a health care center. Blending the emotional, financial, psychosocial, and medical aspects of an admission requires a solid knowledge of the center's responsibilities and the interrelation between social work services, nursing, and bookkeeping.
Directly responsible to the Social Work Services Director.
Center Administrator
May confer with the regional social work consultant.
Prefer Bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university.
Experience in dealing with people in crises is preferable.
Knowledge of the medical case management process, needs of geriatric patients, health care settings, working knowledge of funding resources such as Medicare Part A, B, C, and D, Medicaid, Managed Care and other private insurances.
Imagination and creative ability, skill in working cooperatively with other professionals, ability to organize and carry out responsibilities efficiently and effectively.
Ability to communicate effectively and appropriately both verbally and in writing in a wide variety of circumstances.
Commitment to the mission and goals of the center.
Ability to exercise independent judgment where procedures cannot be standardized.
Ability to attend annual NHC sponsored social work conferences. These conferences may be out of town and require overnight stays.
Ability to have flexibility with the weekly work schedule in order to meet center occupancy goals.
Dedicated totally to the success of the center and The Better Way culture.
Able to lift 60-70 lbs. on occasional basis.
Able to bend, stoop, squat and twist numerous times daily.
Able to see and hear adequately in order to respond to auditory and visual requests from patients.
Able to speak in a clear concise voice in order to communicate with patients who may be hearing impaired.
Able to carry out fine motor skills and manual dexterity.
Able to manage own stress effectively.
Well lighted, well ventilated office space with privacy available for interviewing.
Interacts with general public under all conditions. Much of the work involves difficult circumstances, patient and families in emotional distress, severe illness, dying, death and grief, confusion, combativeness, ill-temper, etc.
Must be alert to possible injury, changing conditions in patients, and appropriate responses.
Constant pressure to respond maturely and effectively with patients, families, other staff and other professionals.
Must appropriately represent center in dress and demeanor per the partner handbook and any written regional policy.
Must have reliable transportation to local hospitals and/or other local health care settings.
(NOTE: Specific duties are assigned at the discretion of the center administrator and may be adjusted to meet the needs/expertise of personnel available.)
General Description:
This position will be able to coordinate admissions to the center, including handling inquiries either over the phone or in person; and conduct a needs assessment of the patient seeking admission and consideration of alternatives, if center is not capable of meeting these needs.
Share current information available about funding resources.
Work with individual patients and families toward adjustment to center life and to crises of illness, disability, and death.
Serve in an advocacy role for patients and their families in expressing, defining and resolving grievances.
Participate in in-service training programs as applicable.
Develop and maintain contacts with appropriate community agencies.
Handle marketing activities/functions assigned by the Director of Social Work Services.
Alert the Social Work Services Director and/or Administrator of identified needs for the admissions function.
Interview and develop trusting relationship with applicants and their families.
Obtain accurate, relevant information to be used in determining appropriateness of placement.
Coordinate admissions with other departments by collecting and distributing the appropriate information.
Serve as liaison with hospital, family, and patient in effecting admission or in assisting in arranging alternative placement.
Provide family and patient with accurate, up to date information regarding funding resources such as Medicare Part A, B, C and D, Medicaid, and Private insurances.
Understand closing techniques and procedures and participate in closing a sale (admission).
Complete all necessary paperwork and UNIX screens needed to complete an admission.
Inquiry Management:
Be available to take inquiries at all times.
Obtain sufficient information for compilation of official waiting list, following state regulations for maintenance of waiting list.
Maintain appropriate documentation for waiting list.
Maintain professional working relationship with area hospitals, keeping them currently apprised of services available and criteria for admission.
Stay in contact with families on waiting list to assess current status, as outlined in applicable State regulations.
Bed Management:
Coordinates and plans the daily operations for all pre-admission activities.
Trend and track the number of inquiries, admissions, and discharges on a consistent basis.
Collaborate with center leadership in meeting census goals and maintaining occupancy levels.
Responsible for the day to day proper placement of patients in beds. This requires a knowledge base of which beds are certified.
Community Involvement:
Offer tours and open houses as appropriate.
Provide center-specific information packets.
Provide general information on long-term care and other related topics, such as advance directives, Alzheimer's disease, diabetes etc...
Develop and maintain contacts with appropriate community agencies such as hospitals, ambulance service, Home Health Agencies, Department of Human Services, Department of Public Health, Veterans Administration, RSVP, Mental Health Facilities, etc.
Be knowledgeable regarding community resources.
Be available for presenting policy and objective of center to individuals and groups.
Develop programs for presentation to community groups regarding what to expect in a SNF Health Care setting and/or other marketing-related functions to create greater awareness and understanding as designated by administrator.
Case Management:
Establish the patient/family/center trust relationship.
Provided initial assessment of the patient and family psychosocial status.
Clarify patient specific financial aspects of care
Maintain positive linkages with community referral sources.
Collaborate with bookkeeping, nursing and housekeeping for successful admissions.

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